Premier Martial Arts of Rancho Bernardo LLC

Premier Martial Arts of Rancho Bernardo LLC


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About Us

Founded by Barry Van Over in 2007, and formally began franchising in January 2018 (California in April 2021). Mr. Van Over has been a long-time advocate, owner, and studio consultant for 30+ years. There are currently over 200 locations open across the country, and another 550 in development, making Premier Martial Arts the biggest karate studio organization in the world.

Premier Martial Arts offers a winning karate program for kids and adults, with a focus on a Black Belt training program that keeps customers engaged for at least 3 years to not just earn a Black Belt, but act like a true Black Belt. To be inclusive with our community and offer a multitude of services in demand for our student-base, we also offer birthday parties, women’s self-defense classes, kickboxing, and more.

Youth programs incorporates a life-lesson curriculum that integrates community service, daily talks, and monthly topics ranging from confidence, positive self-image, and social responsibility.

Adult programing takes a modern approach to real-life self-defense, by combining a multitude of martial arts styles like krav maga, jiu jitsu, taekwondo, and traditional karate to provide fitness and self-protection for the modern world.