6 Software Solutions for General Contractors in 2023

More and more general contractors have been adopting apps for a range of construction tasks over the last decade. Much of the meteoric rise in the contractor software market is due to the tech itself helping builders work more efficiently and productively. But apps have also become easier to use, and smartphones and tablets have become more affordable in recent years. 


Another reason more contractors are relying on digital solutions is that they can test out apps before purchasing them and pay a subscription instead of investing in high upfront costs. Of course, you need to ensure you know what types of software your team needs if you want to get the most from the technologies available. The North San Diego Business Chamber has listed six types of GC solutions to consider!


1. Roof Estimation Software      


If you're a roofer, you understand how critical it is to produce accurate calculations of complex measurements and roof areas. You also know that local data impacts the costs of materials and labor. Using roof estimating software, you can quickly achieve the calculations you need while accounting for custom pricing, taxes, and other special considerations.


2. Mobile Scanning Apps


Paper documents are rarely ideal for contractors who are out in the field, so having the option to convert files to PDFs using your smartphone or tablet’s camera is a game-changer. If you need to scan a document and upload it as a PDF onto your mobile device, these apps give you that freedom so you can quickly and easily create digital records of your most important physical documents. For instance, after meeting with your client and getting a signed contract, you can use a scanner app to take a photo of the contract, create a PDF of it, and immediately email it to them (encrypted, if necessary) so you both have a signed copy.


3. Project Management Apps     


Your construction team will be hard-pressed to thrive these days without effective scheduling and smooth workflows in place. That's where project management software comes in. A good project management app will keep all your team's tasks, projects, and due dates in an easy-to-use platform and automatically notify employees and managers of upcoming deadlines.


Scheduling can be challenging for any company, but it can be especially time consuming and complex for general contractors who work on large-scale projects. The Motley Fool notes that the right digital tools will help you maintain clear and accurate scheduling so you can distribute resources effectively.


You also must consider all the workflows, forms, and registers you deal with in the office and on-site, but there are project management solutions to help you track and organize the details of your projects and jobs. Some solutions will even automate a large chunk of the manual processes involved.


4. Invoicing Software


Money management can be complex for general contractors, and maintaining an efficient and professional invoicing process is crucial to growing any construction business. The best way to create that efficiency is to use software with advanced tools. 


High-quality invoicing software will allow you to quickly send professional invoices to clients, automate menial tasks, process payments, and cut down on your billable hours. Look for a platform that integrates a mobile app so you can track and manage your finances on the go.


5. Blueprint Apps      


Computer-aided design (CAD) is a fundamental element of designing and planning construction projects. Today, mobile CAD apps help you create and manage up-to-date designs and plans. Some solutions will flag issues in real time while you're on the job site. Equipping your team workers with this kind of digital tool can take your company's project delivery to the next level.


6. Field Photo Apps


Like many other contractors, you rely on field photos to plan your projects. Fortunately, CM Fusion points out that you can use an app that integrates with your mobile device camera and adds compass directions and details to your photos. 


The right app will stamp your project photos with GPS data, the date, the direction, or even the altitude. These apps will overlay the information on the image so you don't have to write descriptions.


General contractors everywhere are adopting digital tools like mobile scanner apps and project management platforms to improve their business operations. The market offers tons of construction apps specifically designed to help teams like yours plan, prepare, and deliver projects at full capacity. But don't stop here – keep scouring the web to find the apps your workers need to flourish in the digital age!

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