The Centre – Home of Lexus Escondido

The Centre – Home of Lexus Escondido


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About Us

With distinctive dining experiences, and our collection of unique shopping options, this gorgeous event venue is sure to captivate any guest who visits. At The Centre, we are proud to offer our guests that perfect mix of elegance and excitement during their experience. We are also the home of Lexus Escondido, where AutoJoyment and luxurious driving come together.


Wedding Ceremony on Moonlight Veranda
Quinceañera on Starlight Terrace
Couple on Starlight Terrace
Birthday Party in Crystal Ridge
Concert on Moonlight Terrace
Wedding Reception on Showroom Floor
Company Holiday Party in Diamond Ridge
Wedding Ceremony in Crystal Ridge
Quinceañera on Starlight Terrace
Baby Shower in Sunset Heights
Second Level Shop Collection
Business Meeting in Crown Point
Business Meeting in Delta Ridge
Bride on Panorama Point
Bridal Fashion Show on Starlight Terrace