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About Us

There aren’t many communities like this one. One foot in the Pacific, the other in the desert. Home to the world’s greatest fighting forces — and a community of blue-collar fighters.

People work every day for their family, their friends, their community. Work to carve out a better life for themselves in a patch of California that’s more focused on authenticity than image. More substance than show.

Our members spend their days working. And their free time playing. They plan. They grow. They fight for what’s important. And when they bank, they bank here.

Not just because of low loan rates. Or low fees. They bank here because we help them get stuff done. We help make things possible. We’re the place to get started, and the place to kick it into high gear. To launch something great, and to pursue big goals.

We do it with 100% commitment. And Zero Excuses.

This isn’t just empty talk. We have a long and proud track record of doing right by our members. We started back in 1952. Then, we were known as Camp Pendleton Federal Credit Union, and we served the financial needs of Marines, sailors, and civilian employees living in Southern California. Since then, we've changed our name a few times, most recently, to Frontwave Credit Union.

But the name on our buildings isn't as important as the focus of our mission. Over nearly 70 years, we've evolved from serving military personnel to welcoming over 87,000 members worldwide, with 14 branch locations and international ATM access. Everyone living or working in San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties can join our credit union