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About Us

Breakthrough Awakened is a coaching, leadership development, and consultancy firm dedicated to empowering executives, senior leaders, people managers and their teams. We provide the tools to lead authentically, build cognitive agility, and develop adaptability and resilience to
excel in today's VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environment.

A San Diego-based company with corporate and individual clients across the U.S. and globally.

We help our clients develop vital business acumen and leadership skills, emotional intelligence, mental resiliency, and self awareness. Resulting in Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders becoming significantly more effective and fulfilled at work and in all areas of their lives by:

• Identifying purpose and creating a compelling vision
• Learning to set and achieve meaningful goals
• Develop robust communication and rapport building skills
• Gaining a deep understanding of being a better leader and mentor
• Building and sustaining innovative and high performing team

Coaching is always a natural and key component of strategic advising and personal and professional development. Leaders CHOOSE to work with us because we help them:

• Tap into their zone of genius
• Build a high-performing and trusting team anchored in trust
• Enhance their emotional intelligence and leadership skills
• Increase resilience and self-compassion
• Intercept their saboteurs and reduce stress
• Enhance their communication with their peers, subordinates, superiors, and board
• Achieve sustained peak performance and happiness

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