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Soft skills training is the foundational piece to enable meaningful interactions and improves workforce morale, retention, growth and increases productivity. Soft skills are the predominant reason that people are promoted or fired, yet very little formal training is focused on soft skill development. When soft skills are not prioritized in hiring, leading or employee development, a soft skills gap can develop - leading to high turnover, poor customer retention, and ineffective management.

Developing The Future Workforce With People Skills

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Expect Great Things to Happen is also a self-help book for anyone who wants to improve their relationships with themselves and others. These skills are transferable and can help you harmonize all the different aspects of your life.

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Every seller is different, and requires a unique approach to his or her development. The TalassureESA survey system uses input from the seller and their leader to provide a uniquely personal experience. By requesting honest responses, you can visually overlap the various perceptions of performance, compare them against each other, and create an actionable plan of improvement for the future

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