Member Spotlight: Net Result

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December 17, 2018

Tell us about your company.

We are an accounting/operations solution provider, using technology to help the small to medium size business owner to be effective and profitable. In doing so, we help to get accurate job costs or manufacturing costs, and in real time keep within budget. We are planning to concentrate on the solar panel installation type industry (


What products or services does your business provide?

Different accounting software and specific vertical solutions software, implementation, consultation, on-going training. Planning to concentrate on solar panel installation firms.


What was the most memorable or successful moment in your business' history?

Being able to cut down a company's procedure from taking 2 days to 3 1/2 hours.


Tell us an interesting fact about your business.

We were featured in Accounting Technology Magazine as a "Killer VAR."


What tips/advice can you offer that is related to your business' industry?

Find a consultant that has more than 5 years that continues each year to educate themselves in technology to help you become more effective.


Do you have any upcoming events or information you want your fellow Chamber Members and the community to know about?

By 2020, I am hoping that we will see in California every newly constructed home built with solar panels, and less dependency on other energy sources.


For more information on Net Result visit

James Cliame, Owner, (858) 663-4321