Member Spotlight: Gearbox Websites

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December 17, 2018

Tell us about your company.

At GearBox we create custom websites and web apps by leveraging software development to create solutions to increase the efficiency of our client's business.


What products or services does your business provide?

We develop high quality, customized websites and web applications. We also offer CRM tools and SEO solutions.


What was the most memorable or successful moment in your business' history?

Most memorable moment was bringing my 5 day old son to his first meeting. Since then he has been in several meetings and even networking events.


Tell us an interesting fact about your business.

Our web developers all have backgrounds in software. This is a bit different from the rest of our industry, as most are web designers.


What tips/advice can you offer that is related to your business' industry?

Make sure you own your domain name. Even if someone else purchases and sets it up for you, make sure it is in YOUR name. I have seen clients not have access to their website, even situations where their previous web designer has held the site hostage.



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Natahlie Halcrow, Co-founder/Manager, (661) 350-3706