Member Spotlight: Employees HME

Tell us about your company.

My name is Sandra Estrada and I’m proudly the owner and founder of Employees HME. I grew up in Mexico and majored in International Trade and Customs. After a few years of practicing in this field, life took me to the customer service business since I was the General Manager of a company providing VMI services to foreign companies doing business in Mexico. After this journey, I joined a US company as an Account & Customer Service Representative which I have been enjoying for the last 15 years.

Throughout my life, I have been committed to always looking for personal and professional growth, overcoming challenges, and learning that all these experiences make you stronger, which is how the idea of opening this business came up. Eighteen years of customer service experience in a multi-cultural environment and my firm purpose of helping employees to feel happier in their workplaces led me to open my own business. We are essentially offering customer service for your employees and supporting HR Departments with these important tasks that make a difference in employees' attitudes.

Employees HME is dedicated to supporting small and medium sizes companies in San Diego County to have a positive company culture, increase employee retention rate, and engagement through recognition programs, products and services that will make feel your employees happier, more motivated, and appreciated. I'm thrilled to start a company where I can help people, touch people's lives, and make an impact.


What products or services does your business provide?


  • Initial employee’s assessment
  • Personalized birthday emails
  • Personalized handmade birthday cards
  • Birthday gifts
  • Personalized work-anniversary recognition emails
  • Personalized handmade work-anniversary recognition cards
  • Work anniversary recognition gifts
  • “Inspirational and Motivational quotes”
  • ‘’Happy Friday’’ email with articles about life, happiness, motivation, inspiration, health, altruism, giving back to our community, etc.
  • ‘’Giving Back’’ Project
  • Surveys to assess the level of happiness, motivation, and engagement
  • Virtual Employee Suggestion Box
  • Monthly Fun Workplace Holidays Calendar
  • 30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge
  • Company announcements upon employer request
  • Organizing and coordinating the company's events for the employees

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES (no need to have the membership):

  • ‘’Happy Employee’’ GOLDEN RULES for the desk (engraved wood or framed)
  • FLOWER arrangements
  • Personalized and handmade executive BIRTHDAY CARDS
  • Personalized and handmade executive ANNIVERSARY CARDS
  • Personalized and handmade executive THANK YOU CARDS
  • Personalized EXECUTIVE GIFT BOXES (wood or paper mache) for any special occasion
  • Personalized EXECUTIVE BASKETS (metal or traditional) for any special occasion
  • Personalized BEST WISHES BOXES (wood) for any special occasion (including cards with envelopes)
  • Personalized MASON JARS for any special occasion
  • MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES (framed or T-Shirt)
  • Lunch at the office program
  • The employees’ table program
  • The employee of the month program
  • Think positive program
  • Dinner at your employee's home program
  • Organizing and coordinating your company’s events for your employees
  • Organizing health and wellness programs

What was the most memorable or successful moment in your business' history?

I'm starting with this beautiful journey and what I most love is the opportunity of helping others, learn something new every day and meet great people.


What tips/advice can you offer that is related to your business' industry?

Please always remember that employees are a company's best asset, most important internal customer, and key to success. As human beings, we all need recognition and praise.




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