Member Spotlight: BottomLine Marketing

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June 26, 2018

Tell us about your company.

Founded in 2004, BottomLine Marketing delivers world-class results for its for-profit and non-profit clients. Each of the Principals at BottomLine Marketing has held senior marketing and general management roles at large corporations, as well as at small-to-mid-sized organizations. We understand the strategic challenges and appreciate the concerns business owners and managers face each day. Our Creative Director is a Color Theorist by trade, which ensures new brand creative is both meaningful and impactful in the marketplace.

We have a passion for helping our clients grow their organizations through strategic analysis that uncovers key customer insights, which leads to breakthrough brand creative that has a lasting influence.

What products or services does your business provide?

BottomLine Marketing provides strategic and executional expertise in five areas:

MarketScape Opportunity Assessment: The MarketScape Opportunity Assessment helps our clients develop a better understanding of market size, high opportunity segments and customer attitudes in order to focus on those activities with the highest potential ROI. The MarketScape analysis serves as the foundation for business plan develop as well as the development of brand and marketing strategies.

Brand Strategy/Positioning Development: Brand Positioning is at the heart of marketing and BottomLine Marketing’s core expertise. A well developed, well-articulated brand positioning strategy drives the most effective and efficient marketing plans and activities, while simultaneously setting aside low-ROI distractions.

Creative Brand Expression: The Creative Brand Expression process helps our clients translate the brand strategy and creative brief into “creative action”. Our team of experienced creative professionals takes the initial steps toward developing breakthrough communication assets (logo, color palette, website, etc.) that bring your brand to life for your customers and your organization.

Marketing Strategy and Plan Development: We work collaboratively with clients to develop an in-depth marketing strategy and actionable marketing plan, including key performance metrics and budgets, that cover the right time frame to succeed.

Marketing Execution and Staffing:  We are action-oriented and work with you to help execute the plans we have developed together. As you grow, we will also work with you to develop your marketing team including defining specific roles and responsibilities and assessing the appropriate pace of department growth.

What was the most memorable or successful moment in your business’ history?

We find our most memorable moments are when clients provide post-project feedback along the lines of "your process made us uncomfortable" or "you pushed us outside of our comfort zone" or "it was challenging, but we trusted the process", all in the spirit of helping our clients develop breakthrough brand/communication strategies and marketing plans. Change can sometimes be uncomfortable, which is good!  

One of the most successful moments in our firms' history was when we realized that when we delivering breakthrough strategies to our clients, many of them would say "This is great!  Now what do I do with it?", or maybe they didn't have the right marketing or creative resources to bring the strategy to life creatively. Based on this, we made the decision to bring on world-class creative resources who are experts at translating strategy into breakthrough creative brand expression -- color palette, imagery, logo, etc. which has an immediate and lasting impact in the market. 

Our team isn't into making pretty pictures, we develop meaningful creative that brings our client's brands to life.

Tell us an interesting fact about your business.

We'll do anything to secure actionable customer insights to inform the brand strategies we develop for our clients. For a janitorial/sanitary supply distributor we rode on their trucks in Las Vegas to speak with loading dock workers to understand how our client was perceived differently than their competitors; for a floral supplier, we visited grocery stores across the country to speak with floral department managers and ask them why they made the decisions they made; for a Southeast US based restaurant group, we conducted one-on-one customer interviews in over 20 restaurants to ensure we captured the customer's feedback in context; and for a financial services client, we attended an industry trade show posing as college professors (doing industry research) to secure competitor and customer feedback on our client. We love what we do and will do whatever it takes to support our client's needs!

What tips/advice can you offer that is related to your business' industry?

Two tips: First, whatever business you're in, please make sure you "aim" before you "fire, fire, fire" from a marketing perspective. Spending a little time gaining a deep understanding of your target audience -- what's important to them and how they make purchase decision, your competition and developing a brand/messaging strategy that will be both compelling and differentiating will make all of your marketing communication efforts (website, PR, sales materials, etc.) more efficient and effective. 

Second, "if it ain't broke, break it"!  You need to keep reinventing yourself to stay ahead of your competition. Don't get complacent...keep innovating and developing ways to satisfy your customer's needs, even needs they may not realize they have!

For more information on BottomLine Marketing, please visit their website at or call (858) 204-2078.


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