Member Spotlight: Bio-tique

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May 13, 2019

Tell us about your company.

While treating everyone with the respect and attention they deserve, our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that allows each individual to feel at ease while embarking on their own personal wellness journey. Our hope is to create life-long relationships and become their trusted resource for health and wellness.

What products or services does your business provide?

We offer personalized wellness programs based on one's DNA. We have customized reports for nutrition, supplementation, sleep, environmental health, athletic performance, and hormones. We also have infrared saunas, PEMF technology, and whole body vibration therapy.

What was the most memorable or successful moment in your business' history?

We have specialized machines that help with pain management and natural pain relief. One of our clients have been suffering from chronic pain for over 20 years. When she told us how much our services have helped her, how she could get out of bed and feel "alive" again, was a highlight of our year! We are tremendously grateful that we can be of service to her and all of our members we serve.


Tell us an interesting fact about your business.

We like to have fun and believe laughter and joy is the best "medicine" out there. We often have our staff meetings while hiking the canyons of San Diego, mountain bike riding, and enjoying outdoor living and nature.


What tips/advice can you offer that is related to your business' industry?

We have all been told to eat right, exercise, and reduce stress. Although these clichés offer good general advice, how do they meet the specific health concerns of an individual? Each of us has unique needs for optimizing our own health and Bio-tique will show you how to pinpoint exactly what your mind & body needs to be healthy.


Do you have any upcoming events or information you want your fellow Chamber Members and the community to know about?

We will be offering a new service in May called Cryoskin, which is the latest in advance technology from Paris. Cryoskin applies sub-zero temperatures for slimming and toning during non-invasive sessions. These sessions result in slimmer, toned bodies and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.




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Leah Brown, NP-C, Founder | Chief Wellness Officer
(833) 246-4961