Community rallying around Poway Restaurants

By Emily Sorensen - Poway News Chieftain, San Diego Union Tribune

Two local Chambers of Commerce are coming together to help Poway businesses affected by the recent water issues by encouraging the public to eat out often and tip well at Poway restaurants.....

Debra Rosen, president and CEO of the North San Diego Business Chamber, is calling for members of the chamber, as well as family, friends and community members, to dine in Poway through Sunday to help businesses affected by last week’s water crisis.

“The City of Poway water crisis has hit businesses and their employees hard this past week and it is time to unify and support them. Businesses have lost significant revenues and employees have suffered from lost wages. With the holidays upon us, now more than ever, we need to stand up and make sure their holidays are not ruined and we can all make a difference,” Rosen said.

Rosen, who was joined by three North San Diego Business Chamber members at lunch Monday at Kaminski’s Sports Lounge and Barbecue in Poway, said the chamber and its members are “putting their money where their mouths are” and many have signed up to eat at Poway restaurants this week. Rosen said there were about 10 members who ate with her at Hamburger Factory Monday morning.

“Poway is a very strong community,” said Rosen, a former Poway resident. “This is something where everyone can come together.”

Rosen called the call to eat at Poway restaurants a “region-wide effort” and said the region must come together to support Poway businesses, because something like the water crisis could happen anywhere.

“The water system is so vulnerable, most people don’t realize it,” Rosen said.

Areian Kouros, one of the chamber members dining with Rosen, said he came out to have lunch at Kaminski’s, his first time eating at the restaurant, because he believes it is important to be a good neighbor and provide support.

“It also allows me to see different businesses in Poway I didn’t know about,” said Kouros. “I think (the Chamber’s plan) is a great idea. I signed up for five (restaurants).”

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