North San Diego Business Chamber March 2018 Health Committee Meeting Summary

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April 16, 2018

North San Diego Business Chamber
Healthcare Committee Meeting
North San Diego Business Chamber Board Room
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The theme for the Health Committee meeting was “Be the Catalyst to Connect Health and Business.” Committee Chairs Dr. Brian Davey and Lori Boody welcomed attendees. Each attendee followed with a short introduction of themselves. Jeff Meyer gave Chamber updates on upcoming events: Professional Leadership – Success in the Workplace on April 10 & 19, Regional Connect networking event on April 11 and Strategies for Success on Thursday, April 12.

Next, Gisela Sannar from The Elizabeth Hospice gave a short presentation. She started volunteering for The Elizabeth Hospice 15 years ago and now is the volunteer manager for the organization. Medicare mandates that 5% of staff be volunteers. She said their mission is to enhance the quality of life of patients. Volunteers provide complimentary therapy to reduce anxiety and enhance mood to lift a patient’s spirits. Some complimentary therapies include music, art, support, crafts, gentle touch, pet therapy, Reiki and more. They offer these types of therapies as well as a children’s bereavement program.  

A guest presentation was also given by Gary and Mary West PACE (Program for the All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly). Tom Reiter, Executive Director, explained that PACE is a three-way partnership of sponsorship organizations that includes PACE, CMS and Medi-Cal. He also provided statistics, such as 45% of workers anticipate having elder care responsibilities in the next 5 years. People who are eligible must be 55+, meet the criteria for nursing facility level of care and live in a PACE program service area. Additionally, an interdisciplinary team provides an array of comprehensive services. Lastly, an action item was to approve the finalized 2018 Health Committee flier. All were in favor.

Jeff Meyer, Senior Manager - Member Relations
(858) 487-1767