Member Spotlight: Bastyr University Clinic

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December 17, 2018

Tell us about your company.

As the teaching clinic of Bastyr University California, Bastyr University Clinic offers comprehensive health care for every age group and demographic. Our doctors and students focus on naturopathic primary care, mind-body issues and nutrition, with a emphasis on: - Providing a natural, non-invasive approach that considers the whole person. - Helping patients resolve short term and chronic health problems. - Supporting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition education helps prevent illness. - Identifying and treating the root cause of disease, not just the symptoms.


What products or services does your business provide?

Naturopathic medical services including: Preventive health screenings and exams Laboratory and other diagnostic imaging tests Managing prescription medications Herbal remedies/botanical medicine Well-child exams Physical medicine including Craniosacral therapy and manipulation Homeopathy Hydrotherapy Integrative Oncology Care Intravenous (IV) therapy Nutritional counseling


What was the most memorable or successful moment in your business' history?

Opening our doors in 2012 to the San Diego community and then our clinic expansion in 2015.


Tell us an interesting fact about your business.

We have an amazing teaching kitchen where the community can take hands-on, whole-food cooking classes


What tips/advice can you offer that is related to your business' industry?

Naturopathic doctors believe that food is medicine and nutrition is at the root of our health so how we eat is critical. Naturopathic doctors love to educate patients on how and what to eat to live their healthiest life.


Do you have any upcoming events or information you want your fellow Chamber Members and the community to know about?

Whole-Food Cooking Classes on 10/10, 11/14, 12/12 and 10/4 health talk


For more information on Bastyr University Clinic visit

Jill Ruff, Senior Marketing Communication, (858) 246-9722