Meeting Summary: Committee Voted to OPPOSE Safeguard Our San Diego Countrywide Initiative

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April 23, 2018

Economic Development & Advocacy Committee 
Thursday, April 5, 2018
NSDBC Board Room

Committee Chairs Dave Rosenberg, Dan Roberts, Mike Nagy, and Mayra Salazar began the meeting by welcoming attendees and thanking guest presenters for taking the time to participate in the meeting. The Chamber provided three updates: Regional Connect Networking event held on April 11 at Second Chance Beer Company, Professional Leadership – Success in the Workplace sessions on April 10 & 19 and Strategies for Success workshop on April 12.

The first guest presentation was given by Board Member Fred Nasseri of Unicorn Jewelry & Watch Boutique. He has been in business for 38 years at the same location in Rancho Bernardo. After the 2008 recession, the jewelry retail dynamic shifted toward 60% selling and 40% buying. In 2013, consumer spending habits shifted further as the price of jewelry increased. His closing remarks explained that local retailers are becoming essential in terms of customization due to the increased price of diamonds and limited supply.

Following Fred’s presentation, Olivier Brackett from the McClellan-Palomar Airport gave an overview of the airport and the Master Plan update. In 1959, the McClellan Palomar Airport opened and is completely self-funded, generating $155 million in income annually. The airport is looking for support from the Chamber and Committee members when the Master Plan updates are presented to the Board of Supervisors this summer.

Next, the Chamber provided background information on the Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside Initiative. Borre Winckel, CEO of the San Diego Building Industry Association, gave a presentation opposing the initiative. Then, Mark Jackson, a signatory and proponent of the initiative, gave his presentation in support. After open questions for both speakers and closed deliberation, the committee voted unanimously to take an OPPOSE position with two abstentions.

The Committee then reviewed the top five legislative principles as recommended by committee members in March that are currently impacting the region. They were listed as follow: 

1.) Education & Workforce Development 
2.) Housing & Infrastructure 
3.) Environmental Regulations (CEQA) & Climate Change 
4.) Military/Defense & Veteran Affairs 
5.) Business Licensing & Regulations 

The meeting concluded with the action item to draft an editorial and letter in opposition of the Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside Initiative to the Board of Supervisors, cities, and municipalities within North San Diego.
Jeff Meyer, Senior Manager - Member Relations
(858) 217-8972